(Thurs Full Show) Happy Thanksgiving! We Talk About Some Thanksgiving Myths + Play Guess The Country Artist + Amy Now Has A Rotton Tomatoes Page From Her Movie + We Help A Listener With Proposal Advice

'HOLIDAY HARMONY' Is Out Today + Amy's Eyebrow Drama Before Filming + Amy & Kat's Turkey Day Gratitude + Chats With Lauren Swickard & Annelise Cepero

Happy Thanksgiving!! Today's the day that Amy's Christmas movie is available to stream on HBO Max. It's a romantic drama called 'Holiday Harmony' and we are freaking out. Amy tells Kat about the eyebrow mistake she made just days before filming. Brooke Shields is in the movie, so maybe Amy was inspired by her brows?? Big mistake, huge. In honor of thanksgiving, Kat & Amy do a special "4 things gratitude" sharing the thanksgiving side dishes + pies + family games + Christmas movies that they're most thankful for!

Amy also sat down for 2 separate chats with people from 'Holiday Harmony.' The first chat is with the writer & producer of the movie, Lauren Swickard! The second chat is with the lead actor in the movie, Annelise Cepero (her character is Gail & that's who Amy shares a pivotal moment with during the infamous bathroom scene!) 


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25W: Favorite College Rivalry + Can OBJ Really Help a Contender + Vikings on the Wrong Side of History + Parlay of the Weekend

In honor of rivalry week, the guys discuss their favorite college football rivalry. With a lot of hype around a potential OBJ signing, Bobby tells us whether he thinks the WR can make a big contribution on a contending team. Plus, the Vikings are on the wrong side of history in Adam Stats, and Bobby tends to keep the smiles around again this weekend with his parlay of the week.  

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SPOILER REVIEW! Mike and Kelsey on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Mike and Kelsey give spoiler version of his review for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Mike and Kelsey talk about all of the major plot points, surprises, plot holes and theories on how it sets up Part 3. I repeat, ****CONTAINS SPOILERS****.  Listen if you’ve seen the movie…or you don’t care about having it ruined for you.  

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(Wed Full Show) Reese Witherspoon Is On Talking About Her New Children's Book, The Iconic Outfits From Her Movie Roles & More! + Bebe Rexha Calls In To Talk About Her Upcoming NFL Thanksgiving Game Performance, How Her Collab With FGL Happened & More + A Listener Answers Foot Fetish Questions For Us

Reese Witherspoon is on the show to talk about her new children's book, "Busy Betty," the current TV shows she is watching, her iconic movie outfits and more! Find out her what her favorite movie outfit is! Plus, Bebe Rexha calls in to talk about her upcoming halftime performance at the Detroit Lions vs. Buffalo Bills game on Thanksgiving. Also, hear how her collab with Florida Georgia Line happened. Then, we talk to a listener who answers all our foot fetish questions for us.

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(Wed Early Bird) Amy's Neighborhood Is Forming A Neighborhood Watch + Who Wins Three Movies, One Actor Game + Mailbag: How Do You Politely Kick Out Family And Friends On Thanksgiving?

Amy's neighborhood is having meetings to start a neighborhood watch group. Find out why and what her role will be. Plus, we play 'Three Movies, One Actor.' Bobby will name three movies that the same actor has been in, and the show has to guess who it is...hear who the winner is! Mailbag: A listener wrote in about how every year they host Thanksgiving, but everyone always stays too late and won't leave. They need advice on how to politely kick out their family and friends on Thanksgiving. We share our tips!

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(Tues Full Show) Morgan2 Shares Recent Interesting DM's She's Gotten + Amy Overheard Some Of The Guys On The Show Talking Badly About Her Movie + We Share Our First Kiss Stories

Morgan2 is newly single, and Lunchbox told people to slide into her DM's. She shares some of the most interesting messages she's received. Plus, Amy is frustrated because she overheard some of the guys talking badly about her movie 'Holiday Harmony.' Find out who it was and what they were saying. Then, the show shares their first kiss stories, hear how they happened!

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(Tues Early Bird) Eddie Thinks He's Found His New Calling In Life + Lunchbox Is Shocked At How He Saw This Celebrity Treated In Public + Mailbag: Want A No Phone Wedding Ceremony

Eddie has become obsessed with something and thinks he's found his new calling in life! Find out what it is...Plus, Lunchbox was at a restaurant with his family when a celebrity walked in, and he couldn't believe how they were treated! Hear who it is and what happened. Mailbag: a listener is getting married in April and wants an unplugged ceremony because she doesn't want people's phones in the pictures, but her mom is against it. We give our advice!

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Staying True To Yourself, Tips For Peeing In Public, Grieving With Kids, Amy's Christmas Movie Comes Out In 2 Days & More (5th Thing)

Welcome to the '5th Thing' with Amy & Kat!! Today’s quote is: "I've learned to hold on to me. My favorite version of myself. Don't lose yours, okay?" - Amy in Holiday Harmony (the Christmas movie that she is in...it comes out on HBO Max in 2 days...eeeeeekkk!!!!) That line isn't exactly what Amy ended up saying in the movie, but that was the original script and we love that it's a reminder to stay true to ourselves....our favorite versions of ourselves!!!!!! This Thursday's 4 Things episode will be a special Thanksgiving episode with Kat joining in a little, along with the writer/producer of Holiday Harmony and the main character...can't wait for y'all to hear that!

Amy heard a woman humming while she peed. It wasn’t like a musical hum…it was like she was peeing and hummmmmming to make it possible since she was in a public restroom. Seemed like she had to hum to pee. Or it was a meditative type thing. Not sure. Also, did you know we aren't supposed to squat to pee?? Squatting over instead of sitting down on the toilet can change the mechanics of urinating; over time that can increase the risk of lowering urinary tract symptoms including pelvic floor dysfunction and infections.

Amy share's an email from a listener that just lost 2 loved ones this year so the grief is super heavy...and she's trying to hold it together for her family & 2-year-old. Amy recommends Megan Devine's grief journal (link below) and Kat shares her thoughts on showing emotion/grieving/crying in front of our kids. 
How to Carry What Can't Be Fixed: A Journal for Grief:https://www.amazon.com/How-Carry-What-Cant-Fixed/dp/1683643704 

Thank you licensed therapist, Kat Defatta, for joining us with her wisdom. You can find her on Instagram: @Kat.Defatta + @YouNeedTherapyPodcast.

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#373 - The Warren Brothers on Addiction, Losing A Record Deal, Getting Sober, and Finding Success in Songwriting and Why It Didn’t Matter ‘Red Solo Cup’ Was Never a No. 1

This conversation with Bobby and The Warren Brothers will inspire you. Brett and Brad have written hit songs such as “If You’re Reading This”, “Highway Don’t Care” “Red Solo Cup”  and many, many more.  They got their start as a duo and after years of partying on the road and losing a record deal…they have now both been sober for 17 years. They talk about their struggles with addiction and how getting sober ignited their career as songwriters. Brad also shares how he is helping fathers who have lost children after recently losing his oldest son. Bobby also reveals the role they played in the process of him moving to Nashville to be the host of The Bobby Bones Show. 

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