Lunchbox Spills The Tea On Eddie With Secret Recording

Lunchbox spills the tea on Eddie that he actually isn’t as busy with work as he claims.  

Eddie is always complaining that he’s so busy with so much work to do and has to stay at the studio late to complete it all. But the other day while Lunchbox was trying to record some spots, he heard Eddie and a few guys from the other studio, playing guitar and singing together. Lunchbox even recorded it to have proof and played it on the show. Lunchbox said they jammed together for thirty minutes and now he doesn't think Eddie is truly that busy if he can have a jam session during work.  

Eddie defended himself by saying it’s their little break in between work to bond. He compared it to when people go to the kitchen to heat up food or take a lunch break.  Eddie also said it did not last thirty minutes. They only sang one song and it maybe lasted five minutes. He’s upset that Lunchbox recorded him without his knowledge, even though Eddie does that to him all the time.  

Lunchbox said the next time Eddie complains about having too much work to do and not enough time to complete it, he’ll play that clip of him singing to remind him.  

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