Raymundo Sent His Tax Refund Money To Possible Scamming Situation

Raymundo is always doing something a little off with his money. Some listeners may remember when Raymundo put down some money on Donald Trump winning the presidency. If Trump won, Raymundo would make over $1,000. However, despite President Trump winning, Raymundo has yet to see his payment and now says he won't see it unless Trump's presidency comes to full term.

Not only does Raymundo make big bets, he is also constantly on the app Bovada, a sports betting app. He encourages people to sign up through him so he can get credits to place even more bets. Now, Raymundo has done another possible betting deal with his tax refund money. He shared on The Bobby Bones Show that he received $700 back in his tax refund and then got an email about putting it in for more money. So Raymundo put his $700 towards a company that emailed him about making a couple thousand back on his tax refund. Currently his tax refund is gone and Raymundo has attorneys contacting him on how to get his money back.

The show even brought on Raymundo's fiancé to discuss his possible gambling problem, however, she didn't seem to concerned. She noted that once they are married, all of their accounts will be together and things like this won't be happening so easily. For now though, she says it's his money to mess up.

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