Kenny Chesney: Trip Around the Sun Tour - Night 1 Recap

We've been counting down the days since his last visit and night one did NOT disappoint! Here are some of our favorite moments from the first night of Kenny Chesney’s Trip Around the Sun Tour 2018 at Gillette Stadium.

Clearly, Kenny loves us all – and we’re not just saying that. He took a moment during “Here’s To You” to tell his loyal New England fans how he feels about us.

“In case you’re counting, it’s the 18th time we’ve played the home of the New England Patriots. I was asked, earlier this week, why. In my opinion, it’s very simple. When I look out into this audience, I see a lot of familiar faces, and what I mean is that it’s people that work hard and play hard and live hard and that is everything that No Shoes Nation is about and it’s clear right here.”


That pretty much sums it up – Friday was all about love in No Shoes Nation. Here’s a rundown of the day’s festivities:

We kicked the day off with a parking lot party and gave away a guitar signed by Kenny himself (our winner went OUT OF THEIR MIND, as you can imagine). We also handed out our signature “Bring Me Backstage” cards – more on that later…  


…and because one party is definitely not enough, we setup shop with our friends at CBS Sporting Club, where we gave away ANOTHER autographed guitar and a mini Patriots helmet, both signed by Kenny.  


Remember those “Bring Me Backstage” cards we were talking about? Well, a few Bull listeners got HOOKED UP with the experience of a lifetime. Here’s Olivia delivering the good news to some lucky ladies - they got to meet Brothers Osborne!


Those ladies were pretty pumped, but our next winners were absolutely screaming when they found out they were getting to meet Kenny Chesney!


"My faith, your love our freedom!" Dierks Bentley had us 'holding on' from the second he walked out onto the stage. 


Things almost got out of hand as Dierks was calling for the police during "5-1-5-0."


It was a drunken swoonfest for quite a few ladies in the audience by the time he got to “Drunk on a Plane.”


Then, the moment we had all been waiting for had arrived! Kenny was introduced to the screaming crowd at Gillette Stadium with a video greeting from Patriots heavy hitters Robert and Jonathan Craft, Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick, along with his tourmates.


From there, it was nothing but the most positive vibes all night. Kenny got us living our best life with “Get Along.” “This song is all about taking negative energy and turning it into positive energy and loving everybody,” he said. Preach!


The hitfest continued all night with an inspired set from one of our favorite country music legends. There aren’t many around that can do what he does, show after show.


The best part? We’re doing it all over again Saturday! Here’s the stage schedule:

Stage Schedule Released for Kenny Chesney's “Trip Around the Sun Tour 2018”
Stage Schedule Released for Kenny Chesney's “Trip Around the Sun Tour 2018”
The weekend Boston country music fans have been waiting for is finally here! We want to make sure you don’t miss a single moment. So, here’s the official schedule for...

Don’t forget to tune in to 101.7 The Bull after the show, because we’re going commercial free from 10:30 p.m. to midnight for our Kenny Chesney Post Concert Party. Gotta keep it going, right?!?


We hope to see you at the show Saturday. You all are the greatest listeners anyone could ever ask for. We're proud to be a part of No Shoes Nation with you!



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