MuttNation Monday - Meet Shay

We've teamed up with the MSPCA & Miranda Lambert's MuttNation Foundation to bring you each Monday pups that need homes.

Our latest is Shay a 2 year old Australian Shepherd mix. She's quite the smart cookie and loves to play! She's even pretty good at soccer! She knows a few commands like sit, down, and paw and has been picking up on some other things too.

Shay has shown that she feels safe with her core group of people but is uncomfortable when new people approach her or her kennel. Because of this the best home situation would be an experienced, low traffic, adult only home in a quiet neighborhood. She will need a slow transition into new environments with strangers and will need someone who is knowledgeable in body language. She has also shown discomfort around other animals, so she is looking to be the Queen of the castle.

If you are interested in Shay get the full scoop here!

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