MuttNation Monday - Meet Bentley

We've teamed up with the MSPCA & Miranda Lambert's MuttNation Foundation to bring you each Monday pups that need homes.

Bentley is our latest pooch and he's looking for just the right family to help him grow into the best (and sweetest) boy he can be! One of his criteria for adopters - Must Love Kisses! Bentley has lots of energy and will need plenty of playtime to burn off his youthful energy so he can focus on training. Bentley is about a year old and is super smart and ready to tackle tackle the training he'll need to develop his manners.

Once Bentley is all played out you will have the most snuggly 56 pound boy on your lap.

He enjoys having appropriate dog friends for playtime, but for now he should be the only resident dog in the home for him to learn to harness his energy. The same applies for future cat friends. Teens that are willing to participate in his training will be considered.

Learn more about him here.

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