Fish Sperm: It's What's for Dinner

Shirako is a Japanese delicacy made from the milt of a fish. Milt is just a nicer way of saying sperm. It's the sperm. Shirako has been a delicacy is Japan for decades, but it's just recently began popping up on menus here in the United States, leaving adventurous eaters excited and picky eaters trying not to hurl!

The folks over at Food Insider tried the shirako at Shoji at 69 Leonard Street in New York to see if fish sperm lived up to expectations. “It has richness. It has umami. It doesn’t have off-flavors if it’s prepared properly and it’s the thing that just about anybody would love.” explained Shoji chef Derek Wilcox.

According to the tasters at Food Insider, it tastes like marshmallows. So they've ruined marshmallows for me now... Great.

So... Thoughts? Would you try it?

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