The Ultimate Summer Treat: 100 Calorie Vodka Pops, Now Available at Costco

Some parts of the midwest are still fighting through some chilly spring weather... I'm lookin' at you, downtown Chicago, where it was a breezy 55 degrees on Tuesday! Yuck!

But before we know it, we'll all be sweating in the sun and enjoying 80+ degree temperatures every single day! 

Before you head out on a boat to Lake Michigan, make sure you stop at Costco and pick up a few boxes of THESE! 

Slim Chillers Boozy Popsicles come in four delicious cocktail flavors: Cosmopolitan, Watermelon Lemonade, Appletini, and Lemon Drop. These summer treats are for adults only: they're alcoholic (8% ABV) and low-cal, with 100 calories in each pop. 

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