NEW MUSIC: Kenny Chesney's New Single "Get Along"

Kenny Chesney is officially back! Today he released a brand new single, "Get Along," and it's the first taste of the country star's upcoming new album.

Kenny chatted with iHeartRadio about the new single, in this awesome interview.

I particularly love this quote from him:

"I'm really proud of 'Get Along' because it it allows me to say something without being preachy. Because I don't think my audience wants to be preached to. I've never been the kind of artist that gets up there and tells them they ought to think a certain way. When I go to shows, I don't want to have somebody tell me I need to think this way. I just want to hear my song. And so, I've never used that platform or that stage to preach. But I do think it's possible to make people think on their own."

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