Father Drowns While Saving His Children on Florida Beach

A family vacation turned into an absolute nightmare...

A family from Ohio was visiting Juno Beach, Florida when the children got caught in a dangerous rip tide. Their father, 46-year-old Nadar Khalil went into the water to save his children. Sadly, he got caught in the riptide himself.

Passersby were able to pull him from the water with the help of surfboards, but he was unresponsive, and later died at a hospital.

If you should ever find yourself caught in a riptide, please follow these steps. They could save your life:

1. Remain calm. 

2. Swim parallel to the shore to escape the current.

3. Float on your back and let the current bring you out. Fighting against it could tire you out; once you get past the breakers, you'll be able to swim diagonally back to shore.

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