The Most Expensive MLB Stadiums For Baseball Fans

GoBankingRates looked at all 30 Major League stadiums to determine the most and least expensive parks in the country to catch a game. They considered a day at the park to consist of two tickets (the price was calculated by taking an average of the three cheapest season ticket options and dividing it by 81 home games), two hot dogs, two beers and parking.

If you're a fellow Red Sox fan, I'm sure their findings won't surprise you! It's not cheap to be a Sox fan, but it's WORTH IT!

Five Most Expensive Baseball Stadiums For Fans

  1. Yankee Stadium (New York Yankees): $95
  2. Safeco Field, Seattle, (Seattle Mariners): $92.83
  3. Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox): $91
  4. Citifield (New York Mets): $83.67
  5. Globe Life Park (Texas Rangers): $80.33

Five Least Expensive Baseball Stadiums For Fans

  1. Coors Field (Colorado Rockies): $50
  2. SunTrust Park (Atlanta Braves): $51
  3. Angel Stadium (LA Angels of Anaheim): $52.67
  4. Great American Ballpark (Cincinnati Reds): $55.17
  5. Chase Field (Arizona Diamondbacks): $56.00

Source: GoBankingRates 

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