The Cost of Being a Wedding Guest Will Blow Your Mind... And Your Budget

You may have noticed lately that your mailbox is starting to fill up with wedding invitations. That’s right, wedding season is right around the corner! Before you start filling out any RSVP cards, make sure you've got the cash to celebrate someone's big day with them! It's not cheap to be there for the bride and groom. You may just want to send a gift and save yourself some dough.

A new Bankrate survey reveals just how much it costs to be a wedding guest these days. Here's how things shake out:

- If you’re a member of the wedding party, you can expect to spend on average $728.19. If you have to be in a wedding party for someone in the Northeast, expenses rise to $1,072. 

- A close friend or family member will spend about $627 for things like gifts, attire, travel and associated events.

- A distant friend or family member will spend about $371.

Source: Bankrate

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