HEARTBREAKING: Family Of Dog Killed On United Flight Speaks Out

Anyone with a pet knows that they are family. So to see someone carelessly disregard a dog's life is highly disturbing.

On a flight earlier this week, United Airlines flight attendant ordered a family to stow their 10-month-old French bulldog puppy in an overhead compartment.

Catelina Robledo and her 11-year-old daughter Sophia protested and argued with the flight attendant, who continued to insist. Eventually, assuming the flight attendant knew best, Robledo stored the dog in the overheard bin. Sophia says "We were really worried. He barked in the middle of the flight, and there was a lot of turbulence, so we couldn't get him."

Recounting the horror of the puppy’s death the girl said her mom was crying “Kokito, Kokito wake up!” And instead of passengers rushing off the plane, they stood there in shock by the family. Witness Maggie Gremminger said it was terrible to see the woman holding her dog and it not moving.

Sophia says they are talking so that the same thing won’t ever happen to other pet owners. "If flight attendants tell you to put your pet in an overhead compartment, don't do it."

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