Wow... This Child Screamed For Most of an 8-Hour Long Flight

This video was recorded back in August, but it's just not going viral. And it's INTENSE. It's hard to watch without cringing! 

These folks were trapped on an 8-hour-long flight with this upset 3-year-old. The little boy screamed at the top of his lungs for the majority of the flight.

But moms and dads, please don't let this nightmare video discourage you from traveling as a family! The trick is just to know your child, and be prepared. A wide variety of favorite snacks and treats are great. Make sure you've got a cell phone or iPad with videos already downloaded onto the device, so you don't need wifi to watch them. Books, window clings, and crayons can be good too! You also want to make sure your little one isn't having ear pain-- make sure they're sucking down water, milk, or a favorite juice... whatever it takes to unplug those little ears! 

And for us adults... Well, it's a fact of life that kids will be on airplanes! Some of them won't be well-behaved (just like some adults on airplanes!). But I usually have luck engaging upset toddlers in a game of peek-a-boo or just making funny faces. And when all else fails, I come prepared with earplugs, headphones, and an eye mask... And cocktails help make the skies a little friendlier too!

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