There Are Over 900 Prop Bets For The Super Bowl

If you want to have fun with the quirky side of the betting world, try some Super Bowl prop bets.

There are more than ever before and they range from what color shirt will Bill Beichick wear to what color will Pink’s hair be for the Anthem, or even will Donovan McNabb vomiting in his last Super Bowl appearance be mentioned (I'm betting it will be, and I'm even hoping they show a recap!)

Naturally, a lot of the bets have to do with Tom Brady. Those questions include: How many times will his age be mentioned during the broadcast? How many times will his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen be shown on TV during the game?

There is a bundle of money at stake but remember, if you’re going to lay down your money, get your guess as accurate as possible. 

As for the actual game, as of Tuesday night, the consensus Las Vegas line was the Patriots by 4.5 points!

Source: Good Morning America

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