Mary Chapin Carpenter Announces New Album

Say whaaaat?! Country music legend Mary Chapin Carpenter is getting ready to release a new album! Entitled “Sometimes Just The Sky” will hit stores on March 30th, and will feature new recordings of some of her classic songs, as well as a new song!

“I read a beautiful interview with Patti Smith in which she said that you don’t have to look far or wide, and it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive or madness in order to find things to soothe you in life, or to be happy about,” Mary said in an interview about the title track. “Sometimes just the sky makes everything fall into perspective.” 

Check out the track list:

  1. “Heroes and Heroines”
  2. “What Does It Mean To Travel”
  3. “I Have A Need For Solitude”
  4. “One Small Heart”
  5. “The Moon and St. Christopher”
  6. “Superman”
  7. “Naked To The Eye”
  8. “Rhythm of the Blues”
  9. “This is Love”
  10. “Jericho”
  11. “The Calling”
  12. “This Shirt”
  13. “Sometimes Just The Sky”

Source: Music Row

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