The Top New Year’s Resolution For 2018 Is Pretty Nice!

In case you missed it, a recent Marist poll finds that one of the most popular resolutions for 2018 is “to be a better person.” In fact, 12% of people chose that as their top goal, which is the same amount that named the more common “lose weight” as their resolution for the year.

Other top resolutions this year include:

  • Eating healthier (9%)
  • Getting a better job (9%)
  • Improve their overall health (7%)
  • Quit smoking (6%),
  • Spend less and save more money (6%)

And while those may be the top resolutions, it seems most folks aren’t really making any at all. The poll finds that 56% of people aren’t likely to make a resolution this year, while 44% will.

Overall, 68% of people say they kept their resolution last year.

Source: Marist Poll

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