Secret Santas Pay Off $89k at Walmart

One day, I would love to be reach enough to pull off this kind of treat for total strangers. Honestly if I ever strike it big and win the lottery, I'm going to pay off so many layaway items at Christmas time! I love when people do this; it just really spreads the Christmas spirit!

A Secret Santa paid off $49,000 of layaway merchandise at a Walmart in Millville, New Jersey. Store manager Rosie Kaur says the generous man is a local businessman who doesn’t want to be identified, but the 223 people whose accounts he paid off would sure like to thank him!

Customers who had layaway accounts at Walmart in Everett, Pennsylvania were also treated to some Christmas kindness by a Secret Santa who paid off $40,000 in layaway items. 

I don't know who these rich people are, but their kindness is incredible!

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