Trouble Sleeping? Try Moon Milk!

At the end of a long day, a lot of us turn to wine to help us unwind. But it turns out the bottle we should be pouring is milk, not wine. Moon milk, an old remedy for sleeplessness has gotten a makeover and now wellness experts advise adding spices and colorful natural ingredients to help us relax and rest.

The mugs of milk in shades of red and gold are all over Instagram and their color comes from herbs like turmeric - which helps with inflammation, cinnamon and cardamom - which boost the immune system, and nutmeg - which is a natural sleep aid. Some fans of moon milk are also adding tart cherries, which add a pop of color and contain melatonin, which helps with sleep, too.

And it seems wine - our go-to relaxing beverage - isn’t actually helping us sleep anyway. Research suggests that after drinking alcohol, we don’t get the same quality of deep sleep we need to feel rested the next day. “Probably the worst mistake you can make is to use alcohol before bed,” explains Dr. Steven Feinsilver, who directs the Center for Sleep Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital. “It causes abnormal sleep. It might make you fall asleep fast, but you won’t wake up feeling good.”

So instead of opening a bottle of chardonnay, try a moon milk instead to get a good night’s rest. We could all use more of those this year!

Source: Moneyish

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