Easy Ways to Impress Your Guests at Holiday Parties

When you’re busy making a huge holiday feast, it’s easy to get so bogged down with the menu that you don’t have time to think about decorating, much less make that amazing-looking cheese wreath you saw on Pinterest. But with these serving tips provided by Purewow, your guests will be impressed and you won’t waste five hours in the process!

Use fancy-looking trays - Pull out those beautiful serving trays you got as wedding gifts and dust them off for the holidays. It’s the perfect way to display your artisanal cheese and wow your holiday guests.

Make big-batch cocktails - Dust off your punch bowl or borrow one from your mama and mix up a big batch of holiday cocktails instead of making them one at a time. It’s pretty, saves you time not playing bartender, and gives you a chance to make that festive drink you’ve been wanting to try.

Go mini with the desserts - What’s better than a freshly baked pie? A tiny version of that pie. Your guests will be wowed by cute mini pies instead of a regular eight-inch one.

Label everything - Make labels so your guests know what they’re about to eat and drink, they’ll love it and you won’t have to spend the day repeating which dish is gluten-free or vegetarian.

When in doubt, put a sprig on it - If that seltzer looks too plain to serve, toss a rosemary sprig in it and it’s an instant holiday upgrade.

Source - Purewow

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