5 Reasons Why Dating in Boston Sucks

Samantha Burns is a marriage counselor and dating coach who says there are five big reasons single in Boston aren't finding love. She sat down for a fascinating interview with NBC News about why dating in Boston is the worst. 

Here's what she had to say:

1. Busy professionals: "Boston has a booming job market. For the many doctors, lawyers, professors, and entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get stuck in your high-demand work routine without maintaining a work-life balance."

2. Online dating overboard: "Boston is a tech savvy city and online dating here is very popular, but it's being seriously abused. Today it seems as though people are using it as a game or ego boost, instead of dating with the intent to get offline and meet in person."

3. Winter hibernation: "The freezing temperatures and blizzards keep singles inside, eating comfort food and binge watching Netflix, and the winter blues and seasonal depression can really decrease your motivation to date."

4. Expensive city life: "In some cities it's inexpensive as as $3 for a drink, but here you'll likely be in that $8-$12 range, plus appetizers, and if you treat someone to dinner and dessert, you've just coughed up $100."

5. Townies vs. Transients: "Boston is not the most warm and welcoming city. There are two main populations here when it comes to dating. You have your born and raised Bostonians who have tight knit cliques since childhood and often don't go out of their way to meet and mingle with new people, and you also have a big transient population, with people coming to this city for education and to pursue career opportunities."

Check out her full interview here.

Skyline of Boston Back Bay including John Hancock Tower and Prudential Tower with Charles River in the foreground. Shot during sunset from Longfellow Bridge.

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