Police Department Issues PSA About Hunky Cop

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office posted this photo and story to facebook about the heroic actions of their officer, Sergeant Irvin.

Sergeant Irvin rescued a woman who fell in the water. 

People were awed by the heroic actions of the officer... and seduced by his good looks! After posting this photo, the department had to issue a PSA about it!

Here's the PSA:

PSA: We can't believe it's come to this. We've had so many offers to have Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Sgt Irvin rescue women from the St John's river that we'd like to remind you all of the following:

A. Sgt Irvin works shift work (and we're not telling you which shift) so there's no guarantee that he'll be on duty.

B. You don't get to pick which hero comes to your rescue but all of our officers are available to come to any citizen's aid 24/7.

C. Jumping in the SJR is dangerous and there are much safer options to meet a great guy.

D. There's nothing our officers won't do, WITHIN POLICY, to help any of our citizens have a safe and awesome day!

Please have a safe, happy, and DRY weekend!

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