Delta Passengers Raise Money During Flight for a Kenny G Concert!

It seems like air travel is getting worse and worse these days... Even the best flights are cramped, delayed, and generally unpleasant.

And the worst flights? Well... We all know what they look like!

But Delta Airlines is doing their absolute best to make the whole experience more enjoyable for their passengers. And what's more enjoyable than the musical talents of Kenny G?!

On a recent flight from Tampa to Los Angeles, flight attendant was talking to the saxaphonist about losing her daughter to brain cancer. The flight attendant was hoping to raise money for Relay for Life. Kenny was touched, and told his fellow passengers that if they raised $1,000 for Relay for Life during the flight, he would give them a show.

Passengers reached deep into their pockets and raised $2,000!

And just in case you need a little more Kenny G in your day today...

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