TSA Under Fire for "Excessive" Pat Down of 13-Year-Old

A 13-year-old wearing a tee shirt and shorts received a pat down for over 2 minutes by a TSA agent.

The boy's mother recorded the incident, and the video has now gone viral with many saying the pat down was excessive.

The video was only a small part of the incident, where Jennifer Williamson says she and her son were detained for over an hour at the TSA checkpoint. The two missed their flight due to the detainment.

The issue began when Jennifer's son, Aaron, forgot to take his laptop out of his carry-on. When that was discovered, the laptop was put back through and cleared. A TSA agent still required Aaron to be patted down.

Aaron suffers from Sensory Processing Disorder, which means sensory signals aren't received and organized into an appropriate response, according to the STAR Institute. Jennifer asked for an alternative to the pat down, but was told there was no alternative. The family was then detained.

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