New Study Reveals That the Chicken at Subway is Only About 50% Chicken

A new study revealed that the chicken on your sandwich from Subway really doesn't contain that much chicken!

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation conducted a study on the chicken offered at popular fast food chains like Wendy's, McDonald's, and others.

In the tests, the chicken meat from most fast food joints contained 85-90% chicken DNA. But Subway's results were shocking-- the oven roasted chicken was just 53.6%, and the chicken strips contained just 42.8%!

The process of marinating or seasoning can lower the percentage, but only minimally. According to Fox News, the study team at Trent University concluded that Subway bolsters its chicken products with soy fillers.

Subway has issued a statement saying the study is incorrect and that their chicken is just mixed with spices.

So in conclusion: stick with the Veggie Delite.

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