This Teen Escorted His Little Sister to a Father-Daughter Dance After Their Dad Abandoned Them

Just six months ago, 17-year-old Mohammad Hasher's parents split up. The divorce has been extremely difficult on the entire family, particularly on Mohammad's little sister, 6-year-old Noor.

"We were sort of abandoned," Mohammad told the Today Show. For legal reasons, their father has no contact with the family, including the children. 

But Mohammad says the divorce has brought him and Noor closer. "We have to depend on each other ... I don’t have a dad either, but I’m older and wiser, and I stepped in because (Noor) needs someone to take care of her."

And that's exactly what happened recently. One morning Noor looked particularly upset. When Mohammad asked her what was wrong, she finally told him there was a father-daughter dance at her school that night! She was heartbroken that she had to miss it because their father is no longer in their lives. 

However, Mohammad didn't see it that way. Without hesitating, he told Noor he would love to her date and escort her to her first dance!

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