Boys Forfeit Entire Basketball Season So the Girls Can Play

The fifth-grade boys' basketball team at St. John's Elementary in New Jersey is making headlines. The boys took a huge stand against school administrators to stand behind their female teammates, scoring a moral victory.

The Clark, NJ students were told that their co-ed team was a violation of Catholic league rules. The boys were given a tough choice: kick two female players off their team, or forfeit the season.

Much to the surprise of the diocese, which issued the order, the nine boys voted unanimously to stand behind their female teammates!

Their final game was canceled, but the team made the best of it with a scrimmage and a pizza celebration. 

One of the boys led a pre-pizza prayer, saying, "We are all here today supporting the girls and having this fun game. It's been a great season and it's been fun having all you guys play basketball. Amen."


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