Stuck Inside With the Kids? Try These Snow Day Activities!

I LOVE a good snow day! 

But kids can start to get a little stir-crazy... 

Here are some ideas to keep everyone sane and happy in your house!

1. Family movie time! Make some popcorn, grab some candy, and pop on a DVD. Who cares if they spoil their dinner with snacks? As Elsa would say, "Let it goooo!"

2. Build a tent! Grab some old sheets and blankets and help your kids make a snow day fort. Much warmer than an igloo! Turn down the lights and pass out flashlights for some added fun.

3. Show your kids what it means to help others! Shovel a neighbor's driveway or sidewalk.

4. Homemade hot chocolate is the best afternoon treat on a snow day.

5. Get nostalgic- flip through old family photo albums with your kids. Snuggle up and show them pictures from your childhood.

6. Make screen time productive. Give  your kids a fun task to accomplish on the computer, like finding pictures of cool animals.

7. Make a summer bucket list! Forget about the cold by planning for warmer weather. Make a countdown calendar too.

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