Daughter Has A Panic Attack At The Supermarket...Then Mom Is Stunned By A Cashier Who Calms Her Down

Helen Martin is praising a local cashier who turned a disastrous situation into a wonderful one.

Helen was shopping with her daughter Cordelia when they found themselves in a tough situation.  Cordelia suffers from panic attacks from an incident when she was younger.  While shopping in the store, a fire-alarm test triggered a panic attack in her.  For years, she wouldn't go back in the store.

Helen finally got her to give it a try.  The trip was going smoothly when the lights in the store dimmed to signal it was closing to shoppers.  Cordelia mistook it as a sign that the alarms might go off again and on came a panic attack.  

That's when all of a sudden, a cashier walked over.  Helen shared the story on facebook.

The lady working at the checkout could see something was wrong as I was trying to comfort her to allow me enough time to pay for the shopping. I explained the problem and how the lights dimming had caused her to panic and she was just so lovely.

She came around the checkout and asked my daughter to help her scan the shopping, coaxed her into her seat whilst we dried her tears and completely distracted her by letting her scan all the food. I cannot tell you how much this meant to me and my daughter.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion that she managed to turn such a negative experience into such a lovely one. My Daughter actually left smiling and was so proud of herself.

I was in such a tizz I never even asked the lady’s name. I thanked her but I will be going back tomorrow to ensure she gets the recognition and thanks she deserves. To me she is a Star.

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