Oreo's New 2020 Olympics Cookies Bleed America

Look out Summer 2020 - Oreo is going full-america on us:

In honor of Team USA, the company is dropping a limited-edition cookie that's not only printed with the Olympic symbol and the American flag, but features three layers of red, white, and blue creme. - Oreo spokesperson via Thrillist

Personally, I can't wait for these...in order to have a legit amount of red, white and blue creme filling these are reported to have an equal amount of creme as the Mega Stuf Oreos! These are reported to be coming out for the 2020 Summer Olympics but some reports have these out on shelves already. Nothing on their social media yet either but you can bet I got my eyes out. Check out the full story from Thrillist here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Robyn Beck

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