How To Keep Dry January Going All Year

If you’ve been staying away from alcohol all month, good for you. Doing a Dry January can be tough, but taking a break from drinking has health benefits. And some people find that after a month, they feel so good, they want to keep that feeling going, so they give up booze for longer. Author Annie Grace is one of them, she hasn’t had a drink in five years and says she doesn’t miss it. This is her advice for changing your relationship with alcohol for good.

  • One occasion at a time - Take the pressure off yourself by making the decision not to drink - or to drink - one dinner, happy hour, or party at a time. Just focus on the present.
  • Remember your “whys” - Think about why you decided to take a break from booze and what the time off has taught you.
  • Reap in the cost savings - Drinking is expensive, so imagine what you can afford when you stop spending all that cash on alcohol.
  • Focus on the health benefits - When you don’t drink, your body feels and functions better, hasn’t it been nice not having a hangover?
  • Stay busy - Your Dry January may have made you feel more productive, so use that time on your hands wisely. It could be the ideal time to watch that Marie Kondo show on Netflix and start “Tidying Up” your place or finally try a Taekwondo class.
  • Get your eight hours in - One of the best benefits of not drinking is that you sleep better. If you want to keep Dry January going all year but you’re feeling tempted, think about how well you’ve been sleeping and how you don’t want to give that up.
  • Focus on what you’re gaining, not losing - Keep your mindset on the positives, what you’re getting out of not drinking, instead of what you’re giving up. Make a list if it helps and look at it when you need a reminder why you’re not doing rosé all day anymore.

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