Things Single Women Don’t Want To Hear In 2019

Now that it’s 2019, it’s time to make some changes and start the year off right. Being kinder and more sensitive to others seems like a basic thing, but some folks need a reminder what that really means. When talking to single women, sometimes people say things that offend without realizing it, and it happens, but let’s try to help them stop. These are some words and phrases that are insensitive to single women and they don’t want to hear them anymore. Help us spread the word that we’re not going to tolerate these in the future.

  • “Are you seeing anybody?” - This is not a conversation starter, like “what’s new?” is. The first thing someone wants to know about a single woman shouldn’t be how close she is to not being single anymore, so please stop asking.
  • “It’ll happen when you aren’t looking” - What kind of advice is this? Telling a woman this is about as helpful as saying “you’ll never meet anyone if you don’t try.”
  • “Spinster” - Can you believe anyone is still using this ridiculous word that sounds like a washing machine cycle from back in the 1950s? That’s where this outdated term for single women belongs.
  • “You’re too picky” - Do you really think that’s the reason she’s single? Is not being picky enough the reason you’re with someone? People should be with the people they want to be with, not just take what they can get. Being picky is just fine and it’s really none of your business anyway.
  • “Still” - As in, “How are you STILL single?” At first this one seems like a compliment, but it’s really a knock to the timeline of the person’s singleness. And who gets to decide how long a woman has to be single and okay before she turns into a spinster? Not you, so hold your tongue.
  • “I’m sure you’ll find someone” - When someone says this, they probably mean it with love and kindness, but it’s really not as reassuring as they think. And don’t assume just because a woman is single that she’s not self confident, she is and saying insensitive things like this to her won’t help.
  • “Finally” - When a woman stops being single and meets someone, saying “she’s finally found someone” takes that happiness and turns it into a “yes, but…” failure and it’s time to stop. It’s a new year, so enough with the insensitive comments already.

Source: Refinery29



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