Enjoy Digital Downtime Over The Holidays

With all the things competing for your attention over the holidays, it’s a good time to disconnect a little from all the notifications and screen time so you can enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. No one’s suggesting you do a week-long digital detox or anything crazy, but being a little more aware of your tech habits can help you rein them in a little. Think of it like making some healthy food swaps instead of going on a full detox cleanse. These are some easy ways for you to get some digital downtime over the holidays.

  • Turn off your notifications - If you’re not working and don’t need to respond to your boss’ “urgent” requests, then make the most of it. Silence or snooze some of your apps with push notifications so you don’t get distracted from the fun you’re having in real life.
  • Set a tech schedule - It may be unrealistic for you to go a day without checking email, so set aside an hour every day for the task and ignore it the rest of the time. You can do this with other apps you could ignore, Apple’s new Downtime feature can help because it grays out apps after you reach a pre-set time limit.
  • Shift your media diet - Use your time off to ignore news and book apps and buy a newspaper and an actual paper book to read instead. It’ll cut down on your daily screen time and it’s more fun to read a real book in front of a fireplace anyway.
  • Go analog with your musings - If you’re trying to disconnect but still feel like sharing your thoughts and opinions, try writing them down in a journal instead. You won’t get the same feedback, but research shows that journaling can help make you happier.
  • Do something where you can’t bring your phone - Sign up for a yoga class, go to a holiday concert, or take the family to the movies for some bonding - none of which require you to use technology.

Source: Well and Good

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