How To Make Your Christmas Tree The Best

If you’d love to have an impressive, Rockefeller Center-level masterpiece in your Christmas tree, you don’t have to get help from Martha Stewart. Just follow these tips for making your tree look bigger, fuller, and glitzier than ever and you’ll be the envy of all your neighbors.

  • Keep your tree nourished - If you go with a real tree, remember it’s a living creature and needs a lot of water to look its best. Keep the tree stand basin full of water and with proper care, the evergreen should last four to six weeks.
  • Find the perfect location for the tree - Your neighbors can’t envy what they can’t see, so find a spot with a street-facing window so everyone outside can enjoy your tree, too.
  • Layer your lights - to create a sense of depth in your tree, add dimension by layering lights. Wrap some white lights tightly around the interior of it, so it gives some illumination, but not so much it distracts from the tree itself. Then wrap some colored lights on the outside and your tree will look like it’s glowing from the inside out.
  • Create depth - Hang ornaments at various distances from the center, with the best-looking ones on the outside, of course.
  • Master the twinkle effect - Use a string of blinking lights at the base of the tree to create a “twinkle effect.” The lights shine upward through the branches to make it glow, but blinking lights come in different speeds, so go for the ones that duplicate the glittering effect of a snowfall, not something you’d see at a rave.
  • Hang your best ornaments first - Pick out your favorites and get those on the tree first, then hang the rest of the ornaments to balance them out
  • Cluster spheres - Use wire to create a cluster with three round ornaments to create focal points and spruce things up.
  • Coordinate your wrapping paper - If you really want the picture perfect look with all the wrapped presents under the tree, make sure to choose wrapping paper that matches with your decorations and doesn’t clash.
  • Stand back - You can’t really see if your tree is evenly decorated when you’re standing right in front of it, so take a step back to see the big picture. Walk around it to see it from different angles and make sure all sides look good.

Source: Best Life

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