looking to relocate? It could earn you some perks

  • If you want to move, there are states and cities… and even countries… that are happy to give you some benefits to reside there
  • Cities like Baltimore and New Haven, Connecticut are even joining the fray

If you are looking to move and aren’t loyal to any particular state or region, there are incentives waiting for you. We told you last month about Maine offering student loan help for moving there, well there are plenty more places looking to lure you in.

Here are just a few examples and the benefits awaiting you.

  • Candela, Italy. They are trying to boost their dwindling population by offering up to 25-hundred dollars to families. Singles and couples are welcome too with a smaller bonus.
  • New Haven, Connecticut. You can get up to 80-thousand dollars for buying a house there and that includes 10-thousand dollars interest free to use as a down payment. If you buy a fixer-upper there’s even more money for you.
  • Baltimore, Maryland. Through a lottery, 30 lucky potential residents get five thousand bucks to put towards a new home. If you opt for a distressed home or vacant lot you can get 10 grand.
  • If you decide to move to the frozen tundra, you’ll get a share of 25-percent of oil revenues. That can be up to three thousand dollars.
  • Kansas and Nebraska. The Plains are calling you! a few Kansas and Nebraska towns are offering free tracts of land.Lincoln, Kansas’s Free Lot Plan includes lot sizes of between 12 and 36 thousand square feet within walking distance of the community’s business district. Curtis, Nebraska also offers free lots to be built on (pending application and permit approval) in a community that already has paved roads and utilities ready. AndHarmony, Nebraska offers cash rebates of five to 12 thousand bucks for those building new homes in the city.
  • Saskatchewan, Canada. They have a graduate retention program that covers tuition.
  • You can get 45-thousand dollars and a one-year working visa to launch your business there. Not only that, but you could score 100-thousand dollars in perks too.

Source: Moneyish



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