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No matter how much you have figured out in your twenties and thirties, there are things you just won’t get until you’re older and have life experience and hindsight to help you out. Professor and writer Nyasha Junior knows this and put out an open call for advice on Twitter, asking, “If you are a 40+ woman, what one piece of advice would you give to your 20-something self?” Here’s what women had to say.

  • He’s Not Worth It - Everybody seems to want to warn their younger self that the person they’re stressing over and waiting on will almost certainly not be The One. We get caught up in the drama, but the bottom line is if someone’s making you feel bad, or messing with your head, or not giving back while demanding too much, dump them and move on. Life is too short.
  • Careers Count - These women say stand up for yourself and don’t be afraid to list your accomplishments. And save money, even if it’s just a little bit, starting early makes a big difference in the future.
  • Have Some Fun - These women over 40 advise traveling in your 20s. Life gets more complicated, so broaden your horizons and see the world while you can. And take photos, which will be cherished memories down the road.
  • Take Care Of Yourself and WEAR SUNSCREEN - Eat well, exercise, go to therapy, and generally take care of yourself in a healthy way, according to 40-something women. Also, the flaws you have now won’t be a big deal soon, so enjoy your body and get naked more. And ALWAYS wear sunscreen!
  • Trust Yourself - You’ll still be the same person you were in your twenties after you turn 40, so lots of women said to trust that person. She knows what’s up, so you can listen to her.


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