Wedding Dresses That Have Pockets

Finding the right dress for your wedding is a huge deal for a bride. No matter how formal or casual the event is, women have strong feelings about the gown they’ll walk down the aisle in. And while a lot of time is spent searching for a certain style or cut, there’s an important feature a lot of us don’t even realize we want or need in a wedding dress: pockets.

Think about it - there are some essentials brides would love to have on hand during their wedding and reception, like tissues, lipstick, and maybe a mint. And a handbag or clutch won’t work because hands need to be free to hug, shake, and dry happy tears, so pockets make a lot of sense, but they don’t come in a lot of wedding gowns.

Twitter user Esther Kezia Thorpe recently posted the news that her friend who recently got hitched had a wedding dress with pockets, calling it “the best thing I have ever seen.” And lots of social media users agree, prompting a whole hashtag dedicated to #WeddingDressesWithPockets.

Wedding dresses are expensive and pockets are helpful, and as one Twitter user commented, “I mean … if you’re going to spend as much as we end up spending on a single dress, it better have pockets.” “Customers get very excited when they try on a dress with pockets,” says Christina Sancha, sales manager at London bridal boutique Sassi Holford. “It tends to make them feel more comfortable.”

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