Here's a List Of Shower Hacks To Ease Anxiety

A nice long soak in a hot bath may be good for the mind and body, but if you’re not really a bath person or don’t have a tub, you can still get stress relief while getting clean. Try these tips for using your daily rinse to ease anxiety and stress.

  • A hot shower is the ideal muscle relaxer - Hot water and steam work to give you a sauna-like vibe that can soothe built-up tension and loosen muscles. Plus, a warm shower is linked to a boost in levels of the feel-good hormone oxytocin, so go ahead and enjoy a few extra minutes in there.
  • Improve your mood and circulation with a cold shower - A cool, refreshing rinse has benefits too. It can increase circulation, which helps you feel alert and more energized. And in a cold shower, your body also releases endorphins, known as one of our “happy hormones.”
  • Get aroma therapeutic with essential oils - Use calming scents like lavender and frankincense and the shower’s steaminess will help create stress-relieving aromatherapy.
  • Grab a shower tab - They’re the shower equivalent of a bath bomb, working with the shower steam to create a spa-like effect.
  • Green-ify your shower experience - Studies have shown that indoor plants can actually improve your mood and lower stress and you can actually bring them into the shower with you. Hang them from the ceiling, set one on a shelf, whatever works in your space. Just choose one that will thrive in all the humidity.
  • Turn on the tunes - Quiet time can be good to help clear your head, but singing is proven to release endorphins, so make a great playlist and sing along in your own personal karaoke booth.

Source: Bustle



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