Back-To-School Lies Moms Tell Themselves

We start the school year off with high hopes for being the most organized, on-the-ball version of ourselves, but somewhere in the second week, things start to fall apart. At first, we’re laying out the week’s outfits on shelves labeled Monday to Friday and prepping and freezing meals on weekends, but it’s hard to sustain, even with all the tips, tricks, and timesavers out there. And while we’re being honest, these are other lies moms tell themselves at back-to-school time.

  • “I will start healthy habits once summer is over.” What is it about getting back into a routine that makes us think adding the pressures of “diet” and “working out” too? We’re trying to make time for everything else, we don’t need to try to fit four sessions of aerial yoga into the first week of school.
  • “I am going to pack lunches at night.” Some nights we barely have the energy to open the box of wine and lift the remote to turn on Netflix. Somehow we find the energy for that, but lunches will just have to wait until the morning.
  • “I am going to allow myself the freedom to buy Lunchables without guilt.” We’re not all Pinterest-worthy lunch packers here, so sometimes convenience wins and that’s okay.
  • “I will make sleep a priority.” Sure, we could force ourselves to hit the sack once we get the kiddos to bed, but then we wouldn’t get to catch up on “Grey’s Anatomy” and enjoy quiet time with no homework and no demands. And the next thing we know, it’s midnight and we’re in for a groggy morning. So be it.
  • “It’s the perfect time to formulate a plan.” Some of us fall in to that “stop dreaming, start planning” trap once the back-to-school routine sets in, but you know what? Life is already good, so we can sit back and enjoy it. We really are doing just fine.

Source: The Stir



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