Signs Your Summer Fling Won’t Last Through Fall

If you’ve been enjoying a new casual romance this summer, you’ve probably wondered if it’s going to outlast the season. Even if it’s a true fling, that doesn’t mean your love affair has to end when September comes. ‘Sandy and Danny’ may have gotten our hopes up in “Grease,” but theirs isn’t the only summer fling with staying power. Still, here are some signs your summer lovin’ may fade away before fall:

  • They avoid any talk about the future - This is the first sign your fling isn’t interested in staying together past Labor Day. Counselor Amanda Ruiz points out that if they won’t discuss the future, it could mean they aren’t sure how serious you guys are or they don’t see the romance lasting. If you’re trying to lock down plans for October and can’t get a straight answer, that’s not a good sign.
  • They haven’t introduced you to their inner circle - If you haven’t met anyone in their squad, matchmaker Susan Trombetti warns that could indicate your fling isn’t built to last.
  • They’re getting less responsive and available - If you were hanging out and talking more at the start of the summer but now it takes longer and longer for them to text you back and you’re seeing less of them, that’s a red flag. Trombetti points out, “When someone is winding down in a relationship, they start to pull back.”
  • They’re flying by the seat of their pants - If your fling has moved five times in the last two years and constantly talks about living in the moment, dating coach and psychotherapist Kate Stewart says this could be a sign the person doesn’t want to commit to anything now and isn’t looking for anything serious.
  • You’re never just chilling - How do you spend time with your summer fling? If you’re always on the go and never just enjoying each other’s company and getting to know each other better, breakup coachChelsea Leigh Trescott says your romance may not survive past the season. If they don’t want to connect on a deeper level, they could be just keeping it casual.

And if you still can’t tell if your summer fling is going to continue into fall, the best way to find out is to be direct and ask. It may be intimidating, but at least you’ll know how they feel by the end of the conversation.

Source: Elite Daily



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