Places You Should Try To Give Birth

We recently told you about the mom who gave birth at Chick-fil-A and got free nuggets for life and the mother who delivered her baby at Six Flags and she and the newborn were given lifetime passes to the theme park. Sure, we all know that precious little bundle of joy is the real prize, but if a mama can also get a lifetime supply of something free, why not consider heading to your favorite store when those contractions get closer? Here are some sweet spots to consider having your baby, of course there’s no guarantee they’d offer big freebies for life, but it could be worth a try, right?

  • Target - Again, we have no confirmation that Target would give a lifetime of discount shopping, but since you’re probably already there all the time anyway, this store tops the list. Maybe you’d at least get some diaper deals or cute baby clothes out of the in-store delivery.
  • Starbucks - Caffeine can be an exhausted parent’s savior, and maybe having your water break at Starbucks could earn you free coffee.
  • Disney World - You’ll want to find an out-of-the way spot at the Happiest Place on Earth, like Tom Sawyer’s Island, if you’re going into labor here. And it might not be ideal, but how amazing would lifetime passes to Disney be?
  • On a cruise - They already give you unlimited food and drinks on a cruise, so put your cabin to good use as a birthing suite and maybe you could land a lifetime of free cruise vacations.
  • Barnes & Noble - Grab one of those comfy armchairs and let your toddler go play with the train table while you’re in labor and hopefully you’ll get free books for life.
  • A really expensive college - Just in case your kid’s not genius enough for a scholarship, go ahead and secure that tuition by delivering your newborn on a pricey college campus.
  • Apple store - You’ll need a new MacBook or iMac for all those baby photos, so try to score a free one by having your baby in an Apple store.
  • Trader Joe’s - They have all the best snacks, you just need to be willing to let TJ’s staff and customers see you at your most vulnerable in hopes they’ll give you a lifetime supply of all their goodies.
  • American Girl - Things in this store are definitely not cheap, so try to go into labor there to secure a lifetime supply of dolls and all their dang accessories.
  • Costco - They sell practically everything here and the stores are enormous, so you could find a remote spot to birth your baby in hopes they’ll reward you with free stuff for life. And when you’re finished with labor, you can fill up on free samples. Bonus!

Source: Romper



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