Here's How To Have A Healthy Easter

With all the pretty pastel-colored Easter candy lining store shelves, it’s easy to drop your healthy routine and give in to a weekend of indulgences, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If don’t want to derail your efforts, here’s how you can have a healthy Easter and still eat some chocolate, too:

  • Start the day right - It’s important to get the day going with nutritious foods, so don’t hit up your kids’ Easter candy first thing. Stick to your usual breakfast routine and make sure it includes protein, which stabilizes appetite and can reduce chocolate cravings.
  • Practice moderation - As with so many other things, moderation is key. Enjoy a chocolate bunny or some Peeps, but don’t feel like you have to finish the whole box. And remember: indulging in a treat doesn’t undo your hard work or mean you should give up and write the whole day off.
  • Get moving - Don’t fall off your fitness routine just because it’s a holiday week. Keep your mind clear and energy levels up by staying active.
  • Stop with the guilt - Beating yourself up only adds to the stress, so let yourself enjoy your Easter treats guilt-free.
  • Plan ahead - If your Easter plans take you out of your normal routine, make sure you have plenty of healthy snacks with you so you can fill up without having to compromise or go hungry.

Source: Women's Health



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