CHRISSY METZ: Opens Up About Abusive Childhood

This Is Us star Chrissy Metz opens up about her difficult real-life childhood in her new memoir, This Is Me. 

The 37-year-old, whose struggles with her weight and relationships are a main focus on the hit NBC show, says she dealt with many of the same issues in her real childhood, as well as physical and emotional abuse from her stepfather. After her father left, her mother had a child with a boyfriend who then bailed on them. She later met another man who would become Chrissy's stepfather.

Chrissy says she loved her new stepdad, whom she calls Trigger, because he was more of a father to her than her real dad, but he was often abusive. She says, "My body seemed to offend him, but he couldn’t help but stare, especially when I was eating. He joked about putting a lock on the refrigerator... He shoved me, slapped me, punched my arm. He would hit me if he thought I looked at him wrong. I remember being on the kitchen floor after he knocked me over, and I was begging to know what I did. He just shoved me hard with his foot." Chrissy says Trigger also subjected her to humiliating weigh-ins.

Chrissy says that over the years, their relationship has improved and they are in a positive place now. (People)



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