A School in England Bans Kids From Touching Snow

  • While some schools in England have banned snowball fights, a school in Dagenham has banned kids from even touching snow
  • The school imposed the ban out of fear of potential lawsuits should a kid get hurt
  • They also say kids get wet playing in snow which is “unfit for school” 

The folks in Britain have been dealing with a winter storm that blanketed snow across the country, and while it may have inconvenienced some, we bet plenty of kids simply loved it. Well, it turns out there are some kids who may not have had as much fun as their friends. 

While some schools in the country have banned snowball fights, believe it or not, a school in Dagenham, England has gone a step further, banning kids from even touching snow. That’s right, the Jo Richardson Community School took all the fun out of snow, explaining that they did so out of fear of potential lawsuits.

“It only takes one student, one piece of grit, one stone in a snowball in an eye, with an injury and we change our view,” the school’s headmaster Ges Smith explains. “The rules are don’t touch the snow. If you don’t touch the snow you’re not going to throw it.”

The headmaster adds that if kids are playing in the snow they will get their cloths wet which is “unfit for school.” 

  • As you can imagine, folks on social media had something to say about the ridiculous ban. As one person noted, “For crying out loud let em have some fun before they have to start paying taxes.” Check out some of the other reactions below:


Annemarie@17concreteangelReplying to @GMB

I think the snowflake society should build separate schools for their children, and let the rest of society's children get on with doing, what children have been doing, since the beginning of time. Being children! .

4:44 AM - Feb 27, 2018

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Nan@smithy64RReplying to @GMB @LondonLady11

A snowball fight in the playground is a fun memory from childhood. Of course there were times when you got hit in the face but that way all part of it. Stop taking away kids experiences in the name of health and safety.

2:32 AM - Feb 27, 2018 · Portavogie, Northern Ireland

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Sensei@Aiki_DaveReplying to @GMB

For crying out loud let em have some fun before they have to start paying taxes

3:06 AM - Feb 27, 2018

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Source: The Telegraph



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