*LIST* New Couple’s Holiday Survival Guide

This is the most wonderful time of the year, but being in a brand new relationship during the holidays can take it to a whole new level. But with all the family commitments and a full social calendar, it’s not always easy to navigate with a new partner. So here are some tips for surviving the holidays as a new couple.

Set a spending limit - Picking the right present for your new love is tough. You want something meaningful, but not over-the-top and if you’re not on the same page you could get diamond earrings and they could get a Starbucks card. So talk expectations and set a limit to avoid that awkwardness.

Talk about holiday commitments - You want to be with your new S.O. as much as possible during the holidays, but they have family and work obligations, just like you do. So talk about which ones are a priority and which ones you can do as a couple or need to do solo, and be understanding about it.

Spend quiet time together - Create some time for the two of you to escape the hectic holiday pace to be alone and enjoy each other’s company any way you want to.

Explain your traditions - This will bring you closer and help them feel at ease.

Have a code word - Before you go to a family event, come up with a code word or phrase to use when things get uncomfortable and one of you needs a quick escape.

Don't sweat the small stuff - There’s a lot going on during the holidays and when something messes with your mood, try to shake it off and don’t let it affect your new love. Remember that it’s not going to matter tomorrow, but your relationship still will.




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