The Surprising Effects Of Sleeping Naked

  • Improves sleep
    • Tossing and turning at night has to do with your body's temperature. Not wearing clothes allows the temp. to naturally decline giving peaceful sleep.
  • Prevents Bacteria
    • Sans clothes means no growth of yeast and bacteria, along with drying out spots of perspiration to keep you comfy throughout the night.
  • Promotes Weight Loss
    • Sleeping without clothes decreases your cortisol levels, which helps you sleep better, which in turn promotes weight loss.
  • Feeling More Frisky
    • Skin to skin contact with your partner increases hormones in your body, like oxytocin. This makes you more sensitive to touch and also strengthens feelings of trust.
  • Reduces Pain
    • No clothes stimulates circulation and reduces any pain you may be feeling.
  • Improves the Skin's Repair Process
    • Sleeping naked allows the sebaceous glands to work at their full capacity. This allows your skin to absorb nutrients more quickly, which in turn gives your metabolic rate a boost.




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