Hey!! I’m Brandon Clay! I was born in raised as a Massachusetts kid in the small town of Leicester. Aside from being named the “loudest” kid in class, growing up in Mass has molded me to the outgoing and easy going person I am today! 

For years, my tight knit group of family and friends have told me I don’t know when to stop talking(for the good AND the not so good) so I decided to make a career out of it and haven’t stopped talking to this day! 

I’ve always been one to give back to the community that had my back throughout it all. From volunteering as a coach for my Hometown’s middle school basketball team to announcing the touchdowns on football Friday nights, I’ll never forget the roots of the place I get to call home again.

I LOVE the music I play. From playing it at gigs with my guitar in the city, to talking about it on air, country music has always been a passion of mine and being able to share that love with so many others during there day is what fuels the rest of mine. 

I graduated college with a Communication Degree at Curry College in Milton, MA, which was the “official” start to my radio career as a member of the college station there. I truly wouldn’t be where I’m at now if it weren’t for the incredible staff and faculty who always supported me.

Being able to pursue my young career in some of the most BEAUTIFUL parts of New England has been nothing short of memorable. I couldn’t be more ecstatic to crack the mic back at a place I’ve always called home! 

I am truly looking forward to contributing a new perception in this new era of country radio with the BEST team in Boston!! I couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with a continuously winning team alongside Joey Brooks, Amanda Jo, and Jessica!

When I’m not On-Air you can ALWAYS find me at the Garden cheering on the C’s,(Banner 18 Here We Come) Spending way too much money on coffee and shoes, and fishing over all parts of the beautiful spots New England has to offer.

The Hometown kid is back and I couldn’t be more EXCITED !!!