Least Likely Signs To Marry - Is This Why I'm Still Single???

Now someone's sign would never stop me from potentially dating them (unless you're a Taurus), but I do find Astrology interesting. Often times I also find I'm my sign to a T. So maybe this is why I'm single....

Does your zodiac sign determine your likelihood of marriage? Well if this is true ... it could be why I'm still rolling solo.

Least likely to marry are Sagittarians (those born between November 22nd and December 21st). They tend to be extreme flirts with a wandering spirit that don't excel in rigid structures or routines. But with the right partner a long term romance could work.

And right behind Sagittarians are Aquarians. Aquarians find it challenging to be tied down to a single commitment or idea and their combined need for freedom and their stubborn personalities makes it hard to keep their attention. BUT if their attention is caught they can be very loyal partners.

Hmmm stubborn and a need for freedom... sounds bout right to me!

Where does your sign fall? Check BestLife.

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