First Woman To Command The World's Oldest Warship U.S.S Constitution

For the first time in the U.S.S Constitution's 224 year history a woman will be in command. On January 21st Cmdr. Billie J. Farrell will take over command relieving Cmdr. John Benda who has been in chart since February 2020. The 80 person crew is now 1/3 made up of women.

The U.S.S Constitution "Old Ironsides" in Charlestown's Navy Yard is the world's oldest commissioned warship. It was involved in the Barbary Wars and War of 1812. Getting it's nickname from the War of 1812 where British cannonballs bounced of the ships wooden hull.

The ship was undefeated in battle and destroyed or captured 33 vessels.

Cmdr. Farrell is from Kentucky and a 2004 graduate of the U.S Naval Academy.

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