Tim McGraw Shuts Down Heckler... #TB That Time Faith Shut Down This Woman


Over the weekend in Nevada Tim McGraw forget a few lines to "Just To See You Smile" - he kept on going, but some people in the front row decided to heckle Tim and he wasn't having it! He jumped off stage to put them in their place.

I would also like to note the woman in the TMZ video screaming "DO THE SHOW"... also a little rude!

Tim later noted on stage that he had been working 48 straight hours on 1883 the Yellowstone prequel and was making time to see these mostly lovely fans and if he forgets a line or two... cut him some slack!

Would you mess with Tim McGraw ... dude works out 3 times a day! I wouldn't!

Nor would I mess with Faith... remember that time some fan thought it was appropriate to grab Tim's junk? Faith got right in that womans' face to say "You don't go grabbing some other womans husbands balls"...

Don't mess with the Hills! And hey people... MANNERS!

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